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Time to grab these sticker that WON'T be returning ever again! These stickers and all laminated and waterproof, in gloss or holo/prismatic finishes where indicated)

  • Retro Goatbunny vinyl stickers (set of 3 designs)
  • Animal Guardians vinyl sticker sheet (9 stickers)
  • Baking With Lil Fay sheet (holo finish)
  • Baking With Lil Fay mini sheet (holo finish)
  • Mermaid stickers (Tub Time & Date Night - gloss or holo finishes)
  • Retro Aerobics Fay (Workout Fay & Stretching Fay - gloss finish)
  • Animal Guardians Kids (Gimme A Break Pigeon, Take A Shot Kitty, Ice Cold Penguin, Hail Yeah Goat, Shit's Fucked Lamb - holo finish)
  • S'All Good Gang Set (5 stickers - gloss or holo finishes)
  • Super Mini Stickers! (30 stickers - gloss or holo/prismatic finishes)
  • Lil Fay Super Mini Stickers! (24 stickers - mixed gloss and holo/prismatic finishes)

These sticker books will also be discontinued. They are waterproof (except for The Plight of The Artist coloring book which are paper stickers) but not laminated - stickers may scratch/rub off over time.

  • Underachievers Club (11 stickers)
  • Hostile Stickers (10 stickers)
  • The Best of Pineapple Fuckface (12 stickers)
  • The Plight of The Artist coloring sticker book (15 paper stickers)