Zombie Animals Postcards & Stickers

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The Zombie Animals are here to eat your brain!!! They're the detailed, more gnarly versions of the Cute Zombies that you can get as a notepad, stationery set, postcard or sticker pack!

Choose from Zombie Goatbunny, Zombie Fox, Zombie Raccoon and Zombie Rabbit!*

You can grab them as stickers or a postcard.

The postcards are 6 x 4.25" (15 x 11 cm) and the stickers are about 3.5 x 3.5" (9 x 9 cm) -size of stickers varies based on design.

Both are laminated with a prismatic, holo finish for extra sparkle!

*note: Zombie Possum and Zombie Rat are not available currently as designs as they are licensed client work.