a return?
2023 sep 11 08:59
Well... here's a long overdue update in video form, but i will go over the stuff in text later to keep things clear!
So to sum up all that rambling:
I am unretiring for a bit cuz life happened. This means I will be doing a few more montreal markets before the end of the year. I have also re-structured and re-opened subs again. I will eventually re-open my online shop.
I will be more mindful of burnout and over working. I'm coming back with the mindset that if i don't feel like doing it, i won't. There are very few deadlines that are worth the burnout.
I will be trying not to over-produce. Too many options is not always a good thing so I am totally starting fresh with what I have to offer.
I spoke about subs opening again. Bear in mind that I did cancel EVERYONE'S subs back in june. If you would like to sign up again, you can choose one of the new tiers here.
I am definitely working on more non-stationery items to offer, but that I can still partially have a hand in and not totally outsource, which usually costs more and requires a high minimum of items to order (usually 50-100). So we'll see how that goes.
As for now, I'm cautiously optimistic about creating again, but I must keep reminding myself not to burn out. But i def can't wait to pick up on our lil journey together again!
Here are the two new Hatorade bottle labels for the upcoming larger bottles!
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