a tiny bump in the road
2022 february 01  17:53
So all the packing I was supposed to be doing for the second half of January didn't happen since there were a buncha hiccups in the plan. I won't get into it cuz it pretty much took its toll on me mentally for a week and I'm kinda just ready to move forward. I have basically sorted out all the details for how this month will go since Tom is only here on the weekends so we'll pretty much only have the 4 weekends this month to slowly move stuff down to the US.
I wish it could be just one huge easy move but being a Canadian citizen, there's still a chance that the border guards could be like "nah, you're trying to move here illegally so you're not crossing" cuz that pretty much almost happened to me once back in 2015 when I was trying to meet up with a friend for a cross-country road trip for an undetermined amount of time. I had also just quit my hospital job so they suspected that since I had nothing really tying me to Montreal that I'm just trying to move to the US illegally. I find this all kinda fucking stupid TBH. We are a cross-border couple. Back in the day, you could marry someone from the neighboring country and it wasn't a huge deal. Now it feels like a huge, hostile money grab. Yes, I'm trying to eventually officially move down there for the time being. Sadly, government offices that deal with this paperwork are still pretty iffy and even if they are open, I'm fairly sure they're backlogged. As a Canadian, I can also technically be in the US for up to 6 months, as long as I don't try to illegally get a job or go to school or whatever. Like, can you people just leave me the fuck alone and just let me live with my fuckin spouse??? We do plan to come back to Montreal often, as my mom and my friends are still here. Montreal still has more stuff than the small city we'll be living in.
ANYWAY. But yeah. since he'll be bring down most of my stuff with him when he goes back every week, there will be a point where I don't have my supplies and equipment with me. The end date of all this is HOPEFULLY the last weekend of February, if all goes well. I'm really skeptical that I will get any actual drawing done this month (at least finished pieces) there may be a delay with March stuff. I know it'll be a nagging little voice at the back of my mind that I need to get that stuff done, but it isn't really a huge priority right now as I still have a TON of packing and sorting to do. I am a HUGE procrastinator so I'm really trying hard to fight the urge to put it off, cuz I absolutely LOATHE moving. But I figured if i can get the majority of stuff packed up, then I may allow myself some time to draw lol.
On the upside: I now have an address I can send my supply orders to without having to pay a premium for shipping!! It'll be such a huge relief. I'll def have to close the shop down in order to sort the conversion shit since everything I will be buying will be in USD now. And I have to really dig deep in the USPS rates thing so I can figure out shipping.
So yeah! That's my update for now. I would LOVE to be able to have my March stuff done and on schedule but this will def be a very messy month (on top of it being the shortest, so yay time crunch!). I have also toyed around with pausing subs for march, but I have faith i can get this shit done, after all... I pushed thru two years of a pandemic, a move can't stop me!
Oh yeah! I did manage to draw since I wasn't really packing up. Here are some Lil Fay Lucky Foxes styled after Lucky Cats! I turned them into stickers as lil bonuses for the Feb packs, so I hope you all like them!
I've also been meaning to redo my Meet the Artist even though I did draw one 6 or 7 months ago. I felt like I never fully embraced the pandemic feels of the last 2 years so I did just that for this version! I forgot to throw in the new business cards with this design in the Feb packs, but I'll include them in March's packs :)
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