I predominantly work in digital media now. Here are some pieces I've done over the last few years. Feel free to visit my Instagram account to see even more work!
Coop Frenz & Barn Frenz
designs for sticker sheets
April 2024
Fuck Capitalism (with vector image)
March 2024
You Light Up My Life
January 2024
Existential Crisis Nap Caps
October 2023
Not Enough Candy, Too Many Bees
October 2023
Kaiju Carnival
August 2023
first 3 cards on untitled tarot deck (WIP)
August 2023
Birbs Don't Wanna
May 2023
Feb 2023
Priority Trash Critters
Nov 2023
Animal Uprising
Aug 2022
Vigilante Fay and Eagly the Freedom Chikin
Apr 2022
My Little Hoodlum
Mar - Apr 2022

Tea Trash Pandas
Feb 2022
Astral Foxes
Jan 2022
Lunar Tigers
Digital versions of my designs for Red Envelope Show 2022 - Year of the Tiger
Jan 2022
Lil Fay's Cryptid Friends
These are the designs for my 2022 calendar and Cryptid Friends stationery collection.
oct - dec 2021
Haunted House
sep 2021
Zombie Raccoon & Zombie Fox
jul 2021
Cute Guillotine & Cute Executioner's Axe
may 2021
Trash Buds
apr 2021
Stay Hydrated
feb 2021
Fay-TALITY! -Mortal Kombat: Scorpion Fay
sep 2020
Pandemic Pals
apr 2020
Chikin Catcher
nov 2019
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