it's been a minute...
2022 may 17  10:27
I know I totally missed the monthly update. I was in Montreal for the first week of May and it was... a time. It was great for my mental health to see and catch up with friends. With the warmer weather I was able to sit outside and get some fresh air and hang out, which I missed a lot. The warmer did bring out the crowds, though, which is something I actually don't miss and actually makes me appreciate how small Plattsburgh is. Overall, the trip went well and I was able to participate in a fair at my old college at the end of my week in town which was pretty successful and left me longing for more in-person markets.
I basically wrote off that first week of the month as a little vacation for myself but I have not been able to really work much since then. I have still no real ideas for June's theme. I haven't drawn much of anything else either aside for outlines for a couple of commission pieces. I guess it's burn out/art block time again. It's also been pretty hot last week and this place doesn't have good ventilation, has sun exposure for the majority of the day and we had only just bought an air conditioner on Sunay so it was also super hard to focus and work. I've also been feeling like my work isn't super cohesive (again, a recurring theme lol) so I guess I should step back a bit and maybe reevaluate? I would like to have something for you all for June, but I don't want it just be thrown together or anything. 
I'm still pretty mentally blah today so I'll keep this one short. I'm gonna take some time today to think about what I'd like to create for you for next month. For now, here are the two outlines I've been working on:

Voodoo Rat

Oni Rat

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