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2022 april 19  10:13
The month isn't over and it's already been a ride. I'm gonna keep this update short-ish since I'm still getting over an injury to my left pinky knuckle. I have most of the mobility back, but I don't want to aggravate it too much before it totally heals.
Anyway, It started off pretty productive. I managed to get the second set of My Little Hoodlums done and got the postcards ordered.​​​​​​​
I also got around to drawing Lil Fay as Vigilante, a DC character who's featured in the show Peacemaker. For anyone who's watched the show, Lil Fay is very much Vigilante. I thought it would be fun to draw her with Peacemaker's pet eagle, Eagly (also known as a Freedom Chikin, according to Fay). Again, it is always fun to be able to draw more detailed drawings.
I got the stickers, notepad and letter set done for May. I re-upped on some supplies I ran out of and I even managed to do my taxes! All this within week one of April! And I even got a visit from a dear friend and his bf. Overall, it wasn't too terrible, aside from Tom being sick and taking a couple of days off work cuz of it. I'm glad he took the time off rather than pushing thru at work like he normally does.
Unfortunately, I then became sick on Sunday. It started out as a tickle in the throat but nothing more. Over the week, it gradually got worse and my tonsils were pretty much inflamed which is enough to make being awake miserable. I didn't have a fever or congestion or anything else, just a lot of pain swallowing. I knocked myself out with Mucinex for the first half of the week and made sure Tom ordered some free rapid tests. I generally felt better by Thursday and no longer had to take any sort of meds, but I was still pretty exhausted and slept thru the rest of the week. On Friday, I noticed my left pinky finger hurt. It felt like the typical joint pain I usually have in my right hand, so I didn't think too much of it but by Saturday it was in excruciating pain and I basically just alternately iced/heated it. It was no longer in pain on Sunday unless I bumped it or moved it in a certain way. It was swollen, though. Yesterday was okay and I actually managed to tackle some dishes but typing was still a bit agonizing. I was also still pretty exhausted from being sick the week before. I also took one of the rapid tests since I read that you should test a few days after symptoms start since false negatives are more likely early on. And I got a faint positive. Sigh. I will check again tomorrow, but I think we may postpone my trip to Montreal by a week, but I want to make sure it's safe for my mom.
But yeah. I know it's always good to take breaks once in a while but being sick is not my idea of taking a break lol. I am relieved that I got all my work done for May! So yay me. Anyway, let's hope nothing else happens to me before the end of the month!
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