blog: mid-november catch-up
2021 nov 15
Hey everyone! 
I know I was supposed to make weekly updates but I decided mid-month catch-ups would probably be better seeing as sometimes I take almost week-long breaks doing stuff other than art. I figured I would do a mid-month post on the 15th of the month and just make a monthly update/review on the 1st of the month. I'll be easier and won't clog up your e-mails.
First off, it took me a bit to get going this month since I still felt pretty burnt out from last month. I did managed to pick up a few commissions which I've mostly been working on this first half of November.
The first one is a drawing based on my Welcome to Trash Alley piece from last month. The client wanted to integrate their 4 cats in the drawing which was fun to do:
The second commission was a pet portrait of a friend's dog, Lance. I like talking to a client and finding out as much as I can so I can come up with the perfect piece for them, and this project did not disappoint! I came up with 4 variations of Lance: Regular Lance which I turned into Santa Lance and Lance based on the Grinch's dog, Max. My favorite of the set is Fur Lancelot which is lance in full knight gear!
The final commission for this month is a cozy dragon sitting on its hoard of books, teacups and plants to be used as labels for a couple of tea blends. I actually had fun sketching this one out and even did some color tests in my sketchbook before doing finals, something I rarely do.
This project actually got me thinking about how much I used to just doodle and sketch in notebooks back before smartphones was a thing. There wasn't a whole lot to do while waiting for people or commuting so I always had a sketchbook in my hand and some pencils and pens in my pocket. I should probably try to get back into that habit, honestly.
The other project I finished so far this month is my own personal holiday card for this year. The last couple of years have been draining and I almost didn't want to make any card, but I made a compromise and designed a holiday postcard that reflects a lot of how I'm feeling about doing anything for this upcoming season:
I figured not having to deal with envelopes might be easier this year LOL
So that's pretty much all I have so far. I have a couple of rough sketches for my final cryptids. Now that the commissions are done and out of the way, I can fully focus on them now!
In other news, I figured out a way to make "Buy X, Get Y free" deals in the shop, so that's exciting. You can now get a free greeting card or postcard for every 3 that you buy!
So that's pretty much it for now. I hope you're all coping ok with the time and temperature change (if you're affected by either of those at all).
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