2022 march 03  07:30
I have finally settled into my new space in the US! The move on Saturday was brutal. Although it was sunny, the previous week was a mix of freezing rain and snow days so it was a bit of a mess. I fell down the stairs (only 3 steps but still -yay outdoor staircases :| ) and Tom fell down twice, the second time was down 10 steps. He made it safely across the border thanks to my thorough packing list. Unfortunately I had to delay leaving by a couple of days because there was still a lot stuff to be cleaned up and moved to my mom's for storage. I am so grateful for a couple of friends who helped me move and clean stuff out the past couple of days so I was finally able to hop a greyhound Tuesday morning.
I always hate crossing the border by bus. The bus was pretty packed and we were actually stuck at the border for over an hour cuz of shifty luggage and they actually held 3 people for further questioning and we had to basically wait for them. Other than that, I got thru fairly quickly and made it to the apartment by noon. I spent the afternoon setting up my desk and unpacking some boxes. I assembled the giant shelf so I could put my art stuff away properly. We passed out pretty late but I finally had decent sleep since my mom's guest bed is hard as fuck and my neck had been in pain for days.
The apartment is a decent size. It's a house that's converted into to apartments, one on the first floor and one on the second floor. We occupy the 2nd floor and the 1st floor is actually empty so we're alone here which is awesome! And I finally have a dedicated workspace! There's a decent sized 2nd room which now the office/workout room cuz that's kinda the only place we can put the elliptical lol. I'm excited that the windows are south facing so I will get decent sun all day, but I def need curtains which I will try to make out of some fabric I had bought but never used.
I spent the day yesterday unpacking all my art stuff and arranging it on the shelving unit so it's MOSTLY set up. It's organized looking at least and it's pretty close to how I had it in Montreal so at least I won't be just staring at the shelves looking for things. It's definitely starting to feel like home and I can't wait to set up the rest of the apartment.
I have yet to set up my US bank account so I can finally get a US phone. I should probably do that soon so I'm not dealing with shitty exchange rates on my Canadian card. The exchange rate on the raccoon postcards was rough and I actually paid more than usual :| But they look awesome!
I should slowly be working on the rest of the products for this month. I think I just need a minute to chill after a hectic month. The stickers shouldn't be too bad since they're the same designs as the postcards. Packs will definitely be a little bit late this month but I'm hoping to get April stuff done as well! Thankfully it's a longer month this time! Let's hope I can crank out some good art outta here!

The new workspace!

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