moving progress
2022 february 11  16:16
I have spent the last two weeks packing, more or less. Some days I have laser focus and can manage to pack up 10 boxes and some days I just sit here at my desk and stare at the mess and wonder how the fuck I'm gonna get this all day. And throw in the fact that we have lost a weekend for moving my stuff since Tom's been asked to work next weekend, both days. I've had to scramble to see which of the boxes that I've already packed can be put in storage for the time being. And now I have to be super conscious of what I pack so I have to kinda know if I will be needing something in the near future or not. Sigh. There is always something.
There were days when my brain and body could just not handle more rummaging and packing, or I simply had run out of space to put filled boxes, so I did actually manage to draw the 3 designs for march. I took a sketch of a lil trash panda drinking tea, which was inspired by a short story by my friend, Gersande.
The postcards are on their way to the new apartment now and as much as it seems that it's cheaper to have it sent within the US, all my money is still in Canadian dollars and that exchange rate fucked me hard :(  I'll have to figure out the conversion for the tier pricing so everything can be in USD, but I'll deal with all that when I'm somewhat settled. For March, prices will still be Canadian since I don't have a US bank account yet and I doubt I'll be able to sort all that out before the 1st. Anyway, I'm writing this update now since I would LIKE to focus on packing/disassembling furniture for the next two weeks, but we'll see! Anyway. Here's one last little drawing I did for our mailbox at the new place. Since it's a house the owners converted into two apartment units, there is one address with two mailboxes. Luckily no one is in the unit below us and from what I know, they're  not in any huge rush to rent out the first floor unit (yay!). So enjoy our lil mailbox sign:
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