that last minute scramble
2022 june 03  06:51
Wow. I know I say "how is it [month] already?!?" but HOW IS IT JUNE ALREADY?! I guess May kinda flew by cuz my trip to Montreal during the first trip kinda sapped me of my energy. I also wasn't feeling super inspired for June's theme either. It's funny, but my brain immediately goes to seasonal stuff and .... I dunno, it just feels kinda boring. 
I did end up working on a new Notepad Critters notepad which was super popular as the original notepad and the Notebook Critters sticker sheets:

Original Notepad Critters notepad

Original Notebook Critters sticker sheet

I worked on the Notepad Critters notepad first and posted it on my sub-exclusive Instagram and it got a really good reception. I know I wanted to create a new sticker sheet, too. Eventually, I just decided this was going to be June's theme and ran with it. Along with a letter set, sticker pack and postcards, I also desgiend some tote bags, a fanny pack, a backpack and even patches (which I should be getting to day to check QC to see if I will add it to the shop)!
I also drew up my goatagram in the Notebook Critters style!
Anyway, it was a really fun theme to work on and it's surprisingly a lot of work to make "doodles"! I will probably expand on this theme at some point and create new critters. For now, I'm really happy with this collection!
I also managed to finish the commissioned rat pieces! I love when clients give me a basic guideline but trust the results. This is how the came out!

Voodoo Rat

Oni Rat

I took the rest of the month pretty easy. I've decided to also make 2023's calendar in the Notebook Critters style so I'm currently working on that. I realize I start calendars a bit too late in the year and have to scramble for it in December! I also wanted to have them ready for Montreal Comiccon this July.
I've also been experimenting with other stuff, like static cling window decals! Two sides of our place get full-on direct sunlight most of the day and I've been seeing people stick up holographic film and suncatchers on their windows to create cool rainbow lighting effects when the sun shines thru them. I found some holographic static cling online and created some decals to test out. Sadly, it's just been rainy and overcast lately. I'm hoping there's some breaks in the clouds today between the rain so I can see how well they work!
So that's all for now. I'm trying to brainstorm July's theme cuz I'm sure time will fly by again this month. I need to figure out what to bring to Comiccon  and I'm also headed back to Montreal this week for another week or so. My brother is in town and I haven't seen him since Christmas. Hopefully I can schedule stuff out properly so I don't get burned out this time!
Hope you all are enjoying the springy, wet weather! Until next time...
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