two videos of rambling 😆
2023 mar 15  09:53
So I made an update video on March 3rd, but never uploaded it. I figured I'd post that one so I don't have to go over everything I spoke about there, and I'll also post a new video from today. Lots of rambling. Probably half an hour of rambling. 
If you actually listen to the whole thing, thank you so much lol. If you don't some key points is that I'm closing my online shop on April 1st. I will focus on making stuff for subs, as always. I will be doing markets in Montreal and my stuff will still be available in person at Nueva Era in Montreal and Old Soul Design Shop in Plattsburgh, NY.
I will find ways to get excess stock to any members interested, but for now it will be nice to not have to deal with shop admin nonsense.
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